Paktia Excise Customs Shifted to Dand Patan Border Customs for Traders More Convenience

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12 September 2023

The General Directorate of Customs has shifted Paktia Excise Customs to Dand Patan Border Customs, which was located before in Gardez the capital of this province, in order to facilitate the traders in the country’s customs.
The aim of moving or transferring the mentioned customs is to prevent the loss of time of traders, to facilitate the customs procedures of export and import goods, and to rebuff the loss of customs revenues.
Additionally, Paktia Excise Customs did not have enough warehouses for the Commercial Item Descriptions (CIDs) and other customs procedures, so this problem was solved by shifting the Excise Customs.
Before this, the businessmen were obliged to obtain the domestic transit form (T1) for their products at the border customs of Dand Patan and then complete their other customs procedures at the excise customs of Paktia, which with this, traders were wasting a lot of time. After this, all the stages of the commercial cargoes will be completed at Dand Patan Customs and exist clearance will be given to the cargoes.
It is worth mentioning that the General Directorate of Customs is considering that in accordance with the future possibilities, some other the excise customs will be shifted to the borders of the country.