National Customs Academy


  1. History

National Customs Academy is located behind the Kabul customs department with the area of (45768) square meters which is equivalent to (22.9) acres.

The academy has provided valuable services from starting of its activity in the year of 2010 till now in the field of Launching and implementing various educational programs with the intension of  improving the capacity and professional knowledge of the employees and staff of various governmental and non-governmental departments and institution.

During the above period, professional training was provided for about (3661) customs employees and employees of other institution such as the General directorate of Revenues, customs commissioners, traders and their representatives…. Among them (472) customs employees have successfully completed four-month practical and theoretical training course. And now the eleventh term of four-month course is being held.

  1. Point of View

Improving the capacity of Human Resources and raising the professional performance level of national institution.

  1. Mission

Launching and implementing effective training programs for employees of national institution at different levels in a centralized training environment.

  1. Values

    • Obligation

    • Competency

    • Honesty and Trusteeship

    • Creativity

    • Effectiveness

    • Quality

    • Responsibility

    • Permanence


  1. Facilities

      I: Bureaucracy

    • Office building contains 12 offices for admins, professors and administrative staff. Equipped with ventilation, cooling and refrigeration system, Modern toilets for ladies and gents.

    • Conference Hall with the capacity of 150 persons equipped with Projector electronic system and sound system.

    • Conference room for holding administrative meetings

      II: Teaching facilities

    • 3 Classrooms with the capacity of 50 students equipped with desks, chairs and other teaching tools with the possibility of partition.

    • Two computer labs equipped with active computers connected with internet, ASYCUDA system and SIGTAS system.

    • Workshop to advance practical works and practice theoretical lessons equipped with physical effort equipments and vehicles.

    • Safe room with the capacity of 120 people for emergency use.

    • Equipped library

    • 7 study rooms to advance group projects

    • Mosque with ablution facility

       III: Subsistence Facilities

    • Kitchen and dining room with the capacity of 120 people equipped with all the necessary equipments

    • Two 20-foot Refrigerator for storage of food supplies

       VI: Hostel facilities for ladies and gents

    • 30 single-bed bedrooms each equipped with separate bathrooms for senior staff

    • 28 double-bed bedrooms equipped with share bathrooms

    • 5 double-bed bedrooms equipped with share bathrooms for ladies

    • 12 single-bed supportive bedrooms

       V: Sports Facilities

    • Sports gymnasium equipped with sports machine

    • Private and enclosed parking for vehicles

    • Volleyball court and green area and asphalted roads

       IV: welfare facilities

    • Laundry room equipped with 10 washing machines, dryer and ironing

    • Water storage unit with volume of 75 cubic meters equipped with water pump and water purification filter

    • Two diesel generators with 560 kilowatt capacity

    • Septic tank with capacity of 80000 litres

       IIV: Human Capacity

    • The coaching, administrative and service duties of the academy are performed by the professional professors, experienced administrative staff and Service staff such as drivers, electricians, gardeners and cleaners.


With the above mentioned facilities, the National Customs Academy is ready to provide any educational services and workshops for respected national and international institutions.