Out of 19 vacancies announced by the General Directorate of Customs, written exams of 4 positions were obtained

8 August 2021

The General Directorate of Customs of the Ministry of Finance, had previously left 19 positions to the competition, the written exam of 4 positions Including (Export and Import Directorate of Kabul Customs, Management of Babrak Taneh checkpoint of Khost customs, General Management of Spen Boldak, General Management of Naibabad) was obtained electronically by the Independent Administrative Reform Commission and Civil Services on dated 08.Auguest.2021.

From the above mentioned four positions, 50 people were considered eligible, and after participating in the exam, those who obtained standard scores had pass to the interview stage.

It is noteworthy that the exam of remaining positions will be soon taken by the Independent Administrative Reform commission and Civil Services.