Alam Shah Ebrahimi was appointed as Deputy Minister of Finance for Customs and Revenue

عکس خبر دوهم.jpg

31 March 2021

Alam Shah Ebrahimi, which has recently been appointed as Deputy Minister of Customs and Revenue in accordance with the president decree, introduced to the officials by Mohammad Khalid Painda, Acting Minister of Finance.
In the event was attended by officials of the Ministry of Finance.  The Acting Minister Khalid Painda, expressed his gratitude to Mujeeb Ur Rahman Shirzad, Ex- DM for Customs and Revenue while congratulating the tenure of DM for Customs and Revenue for Alam Shah Ebrahimi. Acting Minister of Finance instructed the Ministry of Finance’s officials to cooperate with the new Deputy Minister in order to achive the goals of the Ministry and accomplish assigned duties. 

 Khalid Painda stated that the entire Ministry’s staff should fight against corruption and make further efforts in revenue collection for FY-1400. He added that the relation between the government and taxpayers should get better than the past.

Alam Shah Ebrahimi, the newly appointed DM for Customs and Revenue thanked the government and Mof Leadership for placing trust on him and promised that he would spare no effort to develop the assigned tasks. He asked the relevant staff to fully cooperate with him to achieve the goals.

It is worth mentioning that, prior to this, Alam Shah Ebrahimi was working as Deputy Minister of Finance for Administrative Affairs. He has many years of experience in government and non-government institutions.