Minister of Finance Inaugurates Construction of Parking Lot Worth 47.5 mln Afs at Balkh Customs


31 January 2024

Minister of Finance Alhaj Mullah Muhammad Naser Akhund, who went to Balkh province on an official visit, has inaugurated the construction of a car parking area at the customs office of the Balkh province, which worths 47.5 million Afs.
In the opening meeting, the Governor of Balkh, Haji Muhammad Yusuf Wafa; the General Director of Customs, Alhaj Mufti Abdul Matin Saeed; the Director of Customs of Balkh; Mustofy of this province; the Director of Chamber of Investment and the officials of some local bodies also participated. Besides encouraging the traders, Balkh governor said that under the guidance of the leadership of the IEA, all bodies are obliged to provide necessary facilities to traders and investors in various fields.
“Our effort is to start similar projects in other customs offices of the country in order to boost trade in the country and provide necessary facilities to the businessmen,” said the minister of finance.
In addition to sharing the technical information of this project, Saeed has told that the General Directorate of Customs is trying to create all possible facilities for traders in the country’s customs and pledged that they are ready to admit all legal demands of the traders within the available possibilities.
The project of Balkh Customs car parking area is implemented on about 7.5 Jiribs (acres) of land, which will be completed within the next seven months and the parking area is going to be concreted basically.
Notably, the budget of this project is paid from the development budget of the Ministry of Finance.