Afghanistan Customs Procedures
Number Procedure Name Publish Year Download
1 Guidelines for customs clearance goods 1396 PDF
2 Guidelines for exempting petroleum products from customs duties 1396 PDF
3 Procedures for making mandatory customs clearance 1396 PDF
4 The procedure for distributing, blocking and suspending the user in the ASYCODA system 1396 PDF
5 TIR procedure 1396 PDF
6 Guidelines for Capacity Building 1396 PDF
7 Procedures for the recruitment of customs brokers 1396 PDF
8 Transmit ornaments by travelers 1395 PDF
9 Guidelines for the detection and stabilization of radioactivity and nuclear material 1395 PDF
10 Customs Tariff Settlement Guidelines 1395 PDF
11 Procedures for Domestic industry support tariffs 1395 PDF
12 Procedure for Inspection after property clearance 1395 PDF
13 Procedure for documentation of vehicles without customs documents 1395 PDF
14 Foreign transit operating Procedure 1395 PDF
15 Guidance on customs duties 1395 PDF
16 Transit guides and customs procedures for goods and supplies of foreign military forces 1394 PDF
17 General Guidelines for exemption from customs duty 1394 PDF
18 Procedures for making mandatory customs clearance 1394 PDF
19 Valuation module procedure in ASYCODA system 1394 PDF
20 Internal transit procedure 1394 PDF
21 Electronic payment procedure for Customs duties 1394 PDF
22 ISAF and us-dla and afghan customs department join agreement on procedure for customs release of white goods 1393 PDF
23 Guidelines for customs clearance of transferred goods 1393 PDF
24 Transit guides and foreign assets 1393 PDF
25 Guidance for filling the form of major exemptions 1393 PDF
26 Guidance on customs duties 1393 PDF
27 Valuation module procedure in ASYCODA system 1393 PDF
28 Courier companies Mailing Procedure 1393 PDF
29 Intellectual Property Control Procedure 1393 PDF
30 Belty Procedure 1393 PDF
31 Provisional Gold and Over sized Orders of Foreign Processing 1392 PDF
32 Guidance on the implementation of the risk management process during the process of goods 1392 PDF
33 طرزالعمل رسم ارضیه 1392 PDF
35 Joint Manual for Scanner Setup by Customs and Border Police in Torkham and Shirkhan Ports 1392 PDF
36 Temporary exportation procedure 1392 PDF
37 Procedures for the International Trade Operations Process and Passengers Travel through Afghanistan ports 1392 PDF
38 ToR of Risk Management Committee 1391 PDF
39 Procedures and guidelines for laboratory staff of the Customs and Provinces 1391 PDF
40 Procedures for the sale of old metals 1391 PDF
41 Procedure for process of Cargo Manifest (Manifest of Cargo) at Airfield Customs 1391 PDF
42 Procedure for distribution of duplicate version of customs document 1391 PDF
43 Procedures for simplifying the process of entering goods in customs 1391 PDF
44 The guidelines for exempted from the payment of customs duties for major goods 1391 PDF
46 Guidance for appeals to the General Directorate of Customs in accordance with Article 18 of the Customs law 1390 PDF
47 New policies for using the Internet and e-mail by the Ministry of Finance employees 1389 PDF
48 Procedure for the importation of postal items 1389 PDF
49 Temporary import procedure 1388 PDF
50 Open store procedures 1388 PDF
51 Guideline on Customs Clearance Control exemption 1386 PDF
52 Procedure for delaying the transfer of property to the customs for the processing of the product 1385 PDF


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