Publish Date: Mar 13, 2017

Closing Date: Jan 01, 0001

Tender Document: Download Document


Afghanistan Customs Department, Ministry of Finance invites all eligible bidders to participate in bidding process of Proof Reading of Pashto Tariff Book & Interpretation of Tariff Explanatory Notesand submit their sealed bids according to the terms and conditions of bidding document (BDs). A complete set of Bidding Documents inEnglish may be obtained by interested Bidder upon request in writing from date of publication of notice to 28 calendar days.

Receiving of Bidding Documents (BDs) and submission of Bids will take place up to10:00hrs.April02, 2017 the last deadline for submission of bids. Late bids and electronic bids will not be accepted.

Bid security will be AFN 210,000 (in cash or bank guarantee) and qualification requirements include:

The Qualification Information and Bidding forms to be submitted are as follows:

(a)  copies of original documents defining the constitution or legal status, place of registration, and principal place of business; written power of attorney of the signatory of the Bid to commit the Bidder;

(b)        total monetary value of Services performed for any of the last five (5) years;

(c)         experience in Services of a similar nature and size for any of the last five (5) years, and details of Services under way or contractually committed; and names and address of clients who may be contacted for further information on those contracts; 

(d)        qualifications and experience of key site management and technical personnel proposed for the Contract;

evidence of adequacy of working capital for this Contract (access to line(s) of credit and availability of other financial resources).

ITB 4.4(a)

(a)  The minimum required annual volume of Services for the successful Bidder in any of the last five (5) years shall be: 10,050,000AFN (ten million and fifty thousand Afghani);

ITB 4.4(b)

The experience required to be demonstrated by the Bidder should include as a minimum that he has executed during the last five (5) years the following:

At least one (1) service contract of a nature and complexity equivalent to the required Services over any of the last five (5) years with minimum amount of AFN 6,100,000 (six million and one hundred thousand Afghani)

ITB 4.4(e)

(a)  The minimum amount of liquid assets and/or credit facilities net of other contractual commitments of the successful Bidder shall be: 2,550,000 AFN( two million five hundred fifty thousand Afghani)




Address of procuring entity:

Anwar Zamani (Procurement Officer)

Email Address:

Cellphone#: 00(93)788012169

Procurement Directorate, 2nd Floor, Ministry of Finance, Pashtoonestan Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan