Electronic-Payment will implement at all customs houses in Afghanistan

Traders across Afghanistan will soon be able to pay customs duties electronically thanks to a new system implemented by the Ministry of Finance) and Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB).

“Traders have traditionally paid customs duties in cash. This new system will allow them to pay fees at any bank in Afghanistan.” said Minister of Finance Eklil Hakimi. “Trade is vital to our economy and E-pay will help traders to do business more quickly, transparently and easily.

This system will bring many facilities for trader and will provide safe environment for them. Said USAID Mission Director Mr. Herbert Smith;

Mr. Khan Jan Alkozai form private sector thanked the Ministry of Finance for providing such of facilities for traders and solving their problems.

The electronic payment of customs duties, or E-Pay, will eliminate the need to pay fees in cash at DAB branches in customs offices. Customs fees can be paid at any bank in Afghanistan using details from the assessment notice. After electronic notification of the payment from the receiving bank, the DAB branch at the relevant customs office will submit a payment confirmation voucher to the customs office, which will then issue a release order for the goods.

E-Pay was first used at the Hamid Karzai International Airport, the Kabul Inland Clearance Depot, and Hairatan Inland Clearance Depot in 2015. ACD and DAB are now installing E-Pay in customs sites nationwide, including Andkhoy, Herat, Islamqala, Torghundai, Nangarhar, Torkham, Kandahar, Weesh, Khost, Nimoroz, and Kunduz.

E-pay will automate the collection of customs duties, speed the release of goods, and is considered to be a best practice for modern customs administrations.